Rust Training

You want to adopt Rust but need to get your team up to speed? We offer personalised, hands-on training to small and large organisations. The trainings not only cover the basics, but can also be taylored to your specific problems. Previous clients include Mozilla and RIPE.

Rust Project Support

asquera has years of experience in building applications of any size. Our team of developers will happily assist you in developing your product.

Rust Long Term Support

Rust moves fast. But sometimes stability is what you want. We provide long term support for specific compiler versions and toolchains. Contact us for a quote.

Custom Component Development

An idiomatic binding to an existing C library? You need improvements to a crate? Need support for a custom compile target? Contact us!

Truly cross-platform: WebAssembly

You need core logic for your app that works on all smartphone platforms, your web frontend and your backend? Through WebAssembly (WASM), Rust can be deployed on all those.